Areas of communication and journalism focused on the appreciation of the concept of sustainability. We aim to raise the awareness of society about the importance of environment and natural resources for the health and welfare of all.

We develop projects for communities and civil organizations and public, through theoretical and practical actions, aiming at the collective welfare, clarification on endangered species, disposal, recycling, reuse and recycling of municipal solid waste, protection of flora and fauna , maintaining the quality of natural resources and conservation and preservation of our sources of life (earth, water, air, lakes, rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, beaches, forests, fields …).

The activities are geared towards the following areas:

1. communication and journalism;

2. sustainability;

3. creating and editing books, magazines and other publications;

4. preparation of studies;

5. documentaries;

6. interviews;

7. surveys and reports on activities related to communication and sustainability;

8. environmental conservation;

9. training and professional development;

10. community mobilization;

11. production of materials related to communication and sustainability;

12. planning of selective collection in businesses, homes, condos and business education institutions;

13. participation and promotion of events for communication and sustainability.


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