Only 2020 COP will reveal whether Madrid was a success – German environment minister

The UN climate summit COP25 in Spain is the last meeting of its kind before countries around the world are supposed to step up their ambitions under the Paris Climate Agreement in 2020. Germany has made several key climate action decisions in the run-up to this year’s COP, such as agreeing a phase-out of coal power and introducing a price for carbon emissions in the transport and buildings sector. These announcements have yet to be translated into a concrete roadmap but will likely be used by the German delegation to showcase the country’s committment in the fight against climate change. CLEW tracks the latest views and comments from German officials, NGOs and other actors, as well as other relevant news from the conference in Madrid in a daily blog. [Dec 11 update: COP25’s success determined in 2020 – env min, UNDP warns against pessimism]

By Sören Amelang, Clean Energy Wire, 11 Dec 2019

The world will only know at next year’s COP26 whether the Madrid climate summit can be considered a success, according to German environment minister Svenja Schulze. “We will see the result of COP25 in Glasgow next year,” Schulze said during a press briefing with reference to the climate action ambition increase due in 2020, when countries across the globe will have to table additional emission cuts in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the framework of the Paris Agreement. “In Glasgow, we all have to put our cards on the table,” Schulze said. At a UN summit in New York in September 2019, 70 states, including Germany, already announced that they would increase their ambitions in 2020 and 65 of them said they would aim to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Schulze said Germany wanted to use its EU presidency in the second half of next year to increase its climate ambitions in tandem with other large emitters. “I want to use the EU presidency to march ahead, and to pull along others, such as China,” Schulze said with a view to next year’s EU-China summit in Leipzig that will coincide with the country’s presidency. “This is what we have to prepare now.”

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