So the SDGs have been adopted – now what?

The SDGs: after this historic agreement has been reached, what next?


“Today might just be the most important day of our lives – it’s certainly the biggest turning point for our futures.” Blog by Richard Branson, Global Alliance, regarding the launch of the goals on 25 September

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have now been adopted. They provide a critical framing for transforming development like never before, tackling poverty and inequality and promoting integrated policy, planning, and governance for the achievement of equitable and sustainable development. But now that this historic agreement has been reached, what next?

At the UN, in collaboration with Project Everyone, Global Goals Alliance, and other campaigns we are aiming to reach all people on the planet to tell them about the SDGs agenda. The goals will need to be brought down to the regional, national and local level to be implemented within cities, states, and rural areas.  This campaign is necessary to make people aware…

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Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

Gestor de Comunicação para Sustentabilidade, Assessor Corporativo de Transição para uma Sociedade de Baixo Carbono, editor do blog TerraGaia. //// Communication Manager for Sustainability, Corporate Advisor for Transition to a Low Carbon Society, TerraGaia blog editor.
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