Have our consumption patterns resulted in a new geological epoch?

“Human’s impact on planet Earth is visual to everyone…”


Plastic bottle caps. Credit: NOAA's Marine Debris Program Plastic bottle caps. Credit: NOAA’s Marine Debris Program

Linda Pollari*

Cities, highways, landfills, airports; human’s impact on planet Earth is visual to everyone. Yet there are even more substantial changes we have caused, changes that are predicted to be visible in rock layers in years to come. In future, these man-made modifications could be seen and dated in the same way we are currently able to date past ages such as ice ages.

Although the formal decision by the International Commission on Stratigraphy* is still years away, it is widely considered among scientists that we have moved to a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene (anthropo = human). This implies that human modifications on the planet have been so significant they have resulted in a new geological phase such as the Holocene (the current official one, which began when the climate started to warm up following the ice age…

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Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

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