In the Field: Unpacking gender and climate-smart agriculture!


By Leisa Perch

The RIO+ Centre is partnering with the Food and Natural Resources Planning Analysis Network (FANRPAN) to conduct a gender analysis of current Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) policy and practice in Southern Africa. Smallholder farmers, with limited capacity to invest or manage risk due to poorly functioning credit and insurance markets, are constrained in their ability to increase yields and incomes, and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and current climate variability. Women also play a key but undervalued and under-paid role in maintaining agro-biodiversity. Despite these well-known facts and realities, disconnects still occur within policy and investment in ensuring that these resource gaps are narrowed and risks are more broadly shared within the sector.

Seeking to understand some of the reasons behind these patterns and why a deficit remains between understanding the problem and making climate policy a reality, RIO+ organized a gap-filling mission to…

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Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

Gestor de Comunicação para Sustentabilidade, Assessor Corporativo de Transição para uma Sociedade de Baixo Carbono, editor do blog TerraGaia. //// Communication Manager for Sustainability, Corporate Advisor for Transition to a Low Carbon Society, TerraGaia blog editor.
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