Climate change has happened before. So why worry?

about Earth’s climate change…

Education for Sustainable Development

Yes, climate has varied before – many times.  And all were caused by natural forces. Hundreds of millions of years ago, enormous, non-eruptive volcanoes emitted greenhouse gases for thousands of years. Super-volcanic eruptions caused rapid cooling and at times might have brought about new ice ages. 

What happens now, is no natural climate variation, it is a real climate change caused by human activities, such as burning of enormous amounts of fossil fuels, the clearing of rain forests, land use change, cement production and new forms of agriculture.  

The solar forcing – the insolation – has not increased the last forty years. There is no special warming Milankovich effect like we had in the Holocen optimum some 5000-8000 years ago; there are no big non-eruptive volcanoes pumping greenhouse gases into the air. There is no other explanation for the present global warming than human activity. We can already…

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Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

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