UNEP and UNDP: launch of Post-2015 Thematic Consultation on Environmental Sustainability

From World we Want 2015

UNDP and UNEP are pleased to announce the launch of the post-2015 global consultation on environmental sustainability. This is one of a series of national and global (thematic) consultations convened by the United Nations Development Group to help shape the post-2015 development agenda.

This is an open dialogue for a multitude of voices to stimulate creative and innovative thinking on how we can put global development on a more environmentally sustainable path that can lead us to the world we want. In developing the post-2015 development agenda the world now has the opportunity to turn these innovative ideas into solutions that can shape the future.

In this first phase of the global consultation on environmental sustainability – now until January – we invite you to propose topics and questions that you think should be among the priorities for further exploration. You can do this by responding to the call for discussion notes and sharing your experiences and thinking on the online platform.

Early in 2013 the consultation will bring together leading thinkers in a meeting to review the submissions from the first phase of the consultation. Some of those who submit Discussion Notes may be invited to participate in this meeting. This meeting aims to select from and refine the identified topics for a more focused in-depth online discussion in a second phase of the consultation during February and March. A summary report will be an input to the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda (HLP), as well as to the inter-governmental debate on the post-2015 development agenda starting with the 2013 UN General Assembly.

All are welcome to join this consultation. Help us spread the word to civil society, academia, private sector, governments, the UN system, and beyond. Now is the time to get involved to help shape the global development agenda.

Click here to join www.worldwewant2015.org/sustainability.

In addition to this thematic consultation on environmental sustainability there are other opportunities to engage in Post-2015 consultations through global, thematic and national processes. Please visit www.worldwewant2015.org for more information.


Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

Executivo de Comunicação I Assessor Estratégico I Sustentabilidade/Baixo Carbono I Editor I Editor do blog TerraGaia //// Executive of Communication I Strategic Advisor I Sustainability/Low Carbon I Editor I TerraGaia blog Editor.
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2 respostas para UNEP and UNDP: launch of Post-2015 Thematic Consultation on Environmental Sustainability

  1. we also need have more and more people that was trained in environmental issues…like me, I want go to Brasil to do a course, environmental engineering…I have already a house to stay there but a need a scholarship do it because a have no conditions ….In my country we have no this course but is one of my big dream do this course, to help save our planet…

  2. Hello, I think that since now it´s very , but very important each country in the world start doing mach more efforts do put a stop in the global warming…It´s a fact that if we dont do it our life will be very dificult,so dificult…All countries need also join to talk wiht Unite State of America and China to help us in the biggeast fight people have around the World, because they are the major responsibles in this world problem.We need do something, we need find a way to show they and put they,on a pacific way, make mach more engagement to stop the global warming…We will never have power to stop the results of global warming and for this reason its very important we fight together…If we do it in 2015 we will see the global Warming decreasing and have conditions to prepare a better future…we cannot continue spend many money to see if there is life in another planet we need put mach more many to save our planet…

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