The interconnected public sphere and the “science” of climate denial

A study on public opinion formation and the communication techniques used to spread and strengthen climate change’s denialism

By Renato Guimarães

Executive Summary
This thesis examines how communication techniques employed by skeptics and deniers
of global warming, and of the scientific method in general, find a fertile field in which to
propagate in the context of a society interconnected by different digital communication
tools. It shows how this phenomenon happens, its consequences, and how the scientific
community must adjust its practices in regard to dissemination of scientific discourse in
order to prevail in this new environment.

See the thesis.


Sobre Antonio Carlos Teixeira

Executivo de Comunicação I Assessor Estratégico I Sustentabilidade/Baixo Carbono I Editor I Editor do blog TerraGaia //// Executive of Communication I Strategic Advisor I Sustainability/Low Carbon I Editor I TerraGaia blog Editor.
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